About Imikimi Frames

We have been working on Imikimi Photo Frames for many years now. For current Imikimi’s customers, Imikimi Frames is a great new way to learn how to use Imikimi Old Frames apps and organize their Kimis.

Searching, browsing and making, also sharing Kimis (Imikimi Picture Frames) looks very different, but you can still search and browse for Imikimi Frames easy, then customize them and share them, both on our Facebook page and elsewhere on the web ( Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp…).

It starts with a simple idea, but we have lots more plans. This is just the beginning, a lot of surprises are coming…
It’s a whole new way of learning, thinking about sharing memories and connecting that we believe can revolutionize how we build meaningful relationships online?

At Imikimi Frames you will find all types of Kimis, and Photo Frames in different categories…

At Imikimi you will find everything you want to decorate and edit your photos and enhance your memories. 

“Everything you can imagine is real”