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Make Your Photos Great and Amazing

How to use Imikimi Old Frames?

Log into your account and choose the Imikimi Frames from the frames page.

Add your photo/picture/image by clicking on the Choose file.

Add text if you want to write something on your photo. You can also edit the text colour and text font.

Finally, Click on the Upload picture to get your final photo, and you can download it or share it with your friends on Social Media.

Start Using Imikimi

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Imikimi frames for your Photos

Here are photo frames in which you can put one or more images of yourself.

Choose the borders that you like the most and customize your photo frame with realistic designs, with flower decorations, heart-type and more photo frames of different colors and textures.

Also, you can learn How To Find The Perfect Picture Frame For Your Photos?

Imikimi Happy Birthday Frames

Here you can make personalized birthday cards with your photos or your special persons’ photos like your friends, kids.

Choose a variety of frames, and make birthday frames collage, then you can download, print, or share them in social media with your friends.

With Imikimi designs, you can congratulate your special persons by putting their pictures inside an Imikimi happy birthday frame, and make a memory of that very special day.

Imikimi Photo Montage Online

Imikimi photo montage for all kinds of pictures such as wedding photos and birthday.

With Imikimi old frames, you can make your photos more fun and unique with the hundreds of photo effects to choose from.

You can put your photo in a famous monument, or in the background of a beautiful landscape to get a famous painting.

With Imikimi old frames montage, you will make your photos come alive.

Moreover, you can Frame Your Cherished Memories In Beautiful Picture Frames.

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Imikimi apps for android portable devices:

For Imikimi Zo Users

A simple tutorial on how to use Imikimi Zo

Retouch and decorate your photos very easily and completely free with Imikimi old version for pc and mobile.
Click on the “Start Using Imikimi old frames” button to start to decorate and add hundreds of frames and effects to your photos.
You can also add text to your photos with dozens of fonts.